Unimotor fm

Unimotor fm - Continuous duty servo motor

New - High performance in the same frame!

12.4 lb-in – 1,200 lb-in (3,611 lb-in peak); 1.4 Nm – 136 Nm (408 Nm peak)
230 V | 460 V

Unimotor fm is a high performance brushless AC servo motor range with frames from 075 mm to 250 mm, matched for use with Control Techniques servo drives. The ‘fm’ stands for Flexible Motor and is designed to accommodate a wide range of applications. The motors are available in seven frame sizes with various mounting arrangements and motor lengths.

Unimotor fm provides high-precision over an extended duration requiring lower acceleration and deceleration rates. The motor is optimized for high stability in precision profiling applications including:

  • Printing
  • Winding
  • Labeling

Wide torque range

Unimotor fm offers the widest torque range, from 1.4 Nm – 136 Nm

Maximum flexibility

Flexibility of the Unimotor range ensures the best fit for your application, options include:

  • Various feedback devices to be used. As standard an incremental encoder is fitted as this offers an optimum balance of cost and performance. SinCos, EnDAT and Hiperface can be selected for increased resolution and Resolver feedback is available for increased reliability in extreme environments.
  • High inertia versions are available to allow the motor inertia to be more closely matched to the load inertia for increased performance and stability.
  • Motor brakes may be integrated within the motor.
  • Type of connectors fitted.
  • Various voltage and speed ranges are available.

Unimotor is suitable for a wide range of industrial applications, due to its extensive range of features

  • Torque range: from 1.4 Nm to 136 Nm.
  • Standard 24 V parking brake option.
  • Numerous connector variants, e.g. vertical, 90° low profile, 90° rotatable and hybrid box on frame size 190 and 250.
  • Variety of flange possibilities (IEC/NEMA).
  • Various shaft diameters; keyed or plain.
  • IP65 conformance; sealed against water spray and dust when mounted and connected.
  • Low inertia for high dynamic performance; high inertia option available.
  • World class performance.
  • Supported by rigorous testing for performance and reliability.
  • Optional high peak torque motors; up to 5 times stall torque.
  • Winding voltages of 460 V and 230 V.
  • Rated speeds include 1500 rpm, 2000 rpm, 3000 rpm, 4000 rpm, 6000 rpm and others available.
  • IP65 environmental protection is standard.

Conformance and Standards

  • UL/CUL certified
  • CE certified
  • RoSH Compliant
  • Control Techniques two year plus warranty
  • Certified to BS EN ISO 9001:2000


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